What Are PCBs?

A printed circuit board or a PCB is a sheet of non-conductive material with embedded copper lines on its surface that serves as electrical tracks for various components to be soldered to. It is used in a lot of myriad devices from simple lighting mechanisms to more complicated control panels for machines and phones. In essence, this invention is what makes our gadgets possible. It also makes it more economical to create these amazing gadgets that makes our lives so much easier.


This board undergoes a rigorous PCB fabrication process to make. Due to its inherent permanence, it needs a detailed planning stage wherein positional reconsideration must be met to make a solid circuit design before printing. First, the circuit itself is designed and its layout is planned to every detail using an electronic design automation tool. After the size and the pattern of the circuit are finalized, the positions of the accompanying components of the board are marked and adjusted as needed. Then the copper tracks were laid down and traced into its non-conductive sheet.

Different Type Of PCB Fabrication Process :

This type of PCB fabrication process produces circuit boards that may be single, double sided or multi-layered.The difference between these three types of PCB is the position of the copper tracks on their surfaces. The single sided and double sided made use of copper tracks on one side or both sides of the laminated board’s surface. The multi-layered type of PCB on the other hand, is vastly more complex than the latter. It consists of inner copper cores or foils sandwiched between sheets of laminated boards, each capable of using different materials according to your needs or preferences.


As you can see, the process of creating a PCB relies heavily on the planning stages because once printed it is virtually impossible to change its design. It is not really an ideal material to work with if you need a more adaptable circuit. If you need circuit boards for prototype making what you need is something that provides a lot of leeway for adjustments.


Maybe you are more suited to use alternatives like the wire wrap method or the point-to-point construction circuit technique. But, what makes PCB ultimately better than these alternatives is that PCB is cheap and takes less time to make compared to the more technical options out there. Because most of the circuit itself is done using specialized software and automated printing processes, it is more economical and faster compared to the more manual process of other techniques.

This kind of PCB fabrication process is efficient and cost-effective.

It makes circuit boards more accessible and it ultimately makes it easy to construct even more gadgets and tools with a lot more functions. This surge of PCB usage is what makes it easier to create a lot of interesting and one of a kind tools and gadgets. In fact because of its accessibility, it has even become a staple in handy resourceful people who create their own tech and tools at home. It also empowers creators to design without needing to be well versed on how to make circuits from scratch.

This kind of mentality helps you focus on what matters to you the most that is managing your business and clients without having to be worried about the hassles of creating your own circuit boards to be used for your products.

So what makes PCB ordered in our company different than others?

For one thing, our PCB fabrication process does not use stencils or screen printing but uses this state-of-the-art precision technique called jetting technology. It dispenses the right amount of copper for each pad. Our PCBs made use of a dual x drive system that boasts a great linear drive motor technology and has speedy electronic component handling capabilities, saving you not only time but money in the process. This is the kind of customizable quality service that you must take advantage of. You should not make do with sub par products and services, try our service for yourself and see the difference.


PCB fabrication process produces circuit boards that may be single, double sided or multi-layered. Here pcbnet.com you can get the information about Printed circuit boards.