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Being part of a prestigious organization is always your dream. When you were a kid, you always wanted to be a member of a martial art organization in your town or a famous dance group in your school. When you were in college, you dreamt of being a part of the champion basketball team or perhaps adebate society for smart students. After graduation, you were eager to work right away and be part of the corporate world. You only wanted to work with the best company. And when you became a part of a prestigious group or organization, you want others to know that you are a legitimate member of that group. You want something genuine to prove that you are indeed a bona fide member of the group. And if you are looking for a special item, an icon to showcase your membership with a prestigious organization,www.challengecoins4less.com can help you.

A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion that usually bears an organization’s insignia or emblem

Challenge Cion

It is given traditionally to a genuine or outstanding member, but it could also be collected by the members themselves. At www.challengecoins4less.com, we offer you with the best challenge coin creations.Having a challenge coin could be one of the most glamorous and memorable way to show that you are indeed part of an organization.

Before anything else, we want to give you some bits of information about the origin of challenge coins. Although no one is certain how challenge coins began, there are actually several stories told about the history of challenge coins.


During the time of the old Roman empire, the Roman soldiers were rewarded with coins for the battles they’ve won. Those coins have the mark of the army or legion from which they came from. A soldier who comes home victorious from battle receives his usual pay and then, he also gets a coin as an additional reward. It was said that the Roman soldiers value the coins they receive more than the women they have or the wine they drink.

During the First World War, it was told that an American pilot escaped from his supposed executioners in France because of the medallion given to him by his officer. His airplane fell over Germany and he was captured by the German soldiers. They took everything he had except for the medallion that was given to him by his officer. Luckily, the pilot was able to escape when the British Forces bombarded Germany and he was able to go to France. However, he was captured again, this time by the French soldiers and they believed that he was an enemy or spy. So he was sentenced for execution but before it could happen, the pilot presented the medallion given to him by his officer. A French officer recognized it and confirmed that he is not an enemy but an ally. Thus, he was saved from being executed and the French officer gave him a bottle of wine instead.

The tradition of keeping a medallion by the American soldiers was continued after the Second World War

A story says that the tradition began through a challenge that was made by the soldiers stationed in Germany. They followed an old tradition there called “Pfenning checks.” A Pfenning is a German coin that has the smallest value of all German coins during that time. If a Pfenning check was made and somebody did not have it, you have to buy beers for those who have their Pfenning. It evolved then from Pfenning to the coin or medallion given to them by their officers. A challenger would ask to see their medallions and if a challenged soldier could not produce a medallion, the challenged one would have to face the consequence of buying a beer of choice for the soldier who made the challenge and for everyone else who had their medallions. But if the challenged soldier and the rest of the soldiers produce a coin, then the one who made the challenge is required to buy a drink for the challenged soldiers.


There is also another story about an American soldier that was about to go to war together with Philippine guerillas against the Japanese army during the Second World War. As it was told, he carried a Philippine silver coin that had the stamp of the unit insignia on one side. The coin was used by the guerillas to validate the American solder as an ally for their mission against the Japanese soldiers. Also, in 1950 and 1951, during the Korean War period, Colonel William “Buffalo Bill” Quinn gave coins for those who are under his 17th Infantry Battalion. The tradition of giving out coins was also made for the American troops that participated in the Vietnam War.

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