The Many Uses of Iron on Patches


Colorful, varied and fun- those are what iron on patches are all about. These versatile patches are more than just embroidered pieces of embellishments. Patches can be word to be used as expressions of art and individuality. That’s why patch makers consider the customer’s intended use in designing and making the patches. All this time, we think patches are only for uniforms. But no! Finished patches can be used in a plethora of creative ways. We’ll enumerate some of them here.

Patches on Bags

Totes and backpacks are made much more interesting with iron on patches. They add a bit of fun and color to plain bags. Children’s bags look cuter when embellished with iron on patches of their favorite cartoon characters. Kids will surely enjoy carrying their patched bags around! Tote bags and backpacks can also be personalized with iron-on letter patches to spell out the owner’s names. Patches with custom designs can also be ironed onto a bag’s pockets and flaps for an interesting touch.

Patches on Casual Clothes


Plain t-shirts easily get an overhaul with iron-on patches. Patches are easy, cheap and unique ways to add added flair to casual shirts. Old shirts especially get a huge benefit with iron on patches. Embroidered and rhinestone patches on these shirts will surely turn heads on the street. Virtually any design is possible; just let the creativity flow! Attaching patches to clothes using an iron is simple and easy enough for anyone to do. No matter how simple they are, patch designs can absolutely take casual t-shirts to a whole new level.

Patches on Jeans

Pachaes on Jeans

Don’t chunk out the old jeans just yet. There’s still a way to turn these pants into something useful and nice. Plain old jeans can get a cool makeover with iron on patches! Jeans with designs never go out of style. Plus, putting ironed patches on them is easy-peasy and fun! Simply iron-on customized patch designs anywhere on the jeans, like we would for regular garments. Let our imagination and creativity roll as we spice up the pants according to our own tastes. Jazzing up those old but usable jeans is just an ironed patch away!

Patches on Hats

Another great item where ironed patches can be used on is the hat. Hats are becoming a popular fashion accessory again. Hats are even considered a necessity in hot and humid areas. It’s easy to customize fabric hats by using iron on patches. Logos, initials, characters – virtually any customized design can quickly be placed on hats by using these versatile patches. For instance, souvenir hats commonly have embroidered patches with the establishment’s logos. Be wary that only hats made of fabric are allowed to use iron on patches.

Patches on Wallets

Patches on Wallets

Lots of fabric wallets and mini coin-purses have various patched designs on them. Dust off the old fabric coin purses at home; it’s easy to place D-I-Y iron on patch designs on them as well! As with the other items on this list, patch designs for wallets range from sparkly rhinestones to company logos and personalized letters. The sky’s the limit! Patched wallets make great company giveaways or gifts to the people dear to us.

Customized Iron on Patches are Everywhere!

Aside from all these stuff enumerated above, iron on patches can be used on handkerchiefs, pillowcases, baby’s clothing, table mantles, jackets and any item made of fabric. Iron-on patches are easy to apply and will not quickly fade once attached to fabric. This makes it a versatile design add-on to any fabric item. Customized patches in lots of designs and colors are available to make simple everyday items more beautiful and nice.

Where to Get Customized Iron on Patches?

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